Made a deal to get the landlord to invest in an AC installation

I was surprised to learn that there was no central cooling system when I moved in with roommates for the first time.

I really just wanted a place to stay so I could study during my college years.

Of course, I wanted to have perfect comfort while studying and I was alarmed to find that the landlord would not cover us with any cooling system installation. Instead, all we had was an old oil furnace. I was actually shocked when I learned about the price to fill up the oil for the winter season, it was very expensive. Anyway, I spoke with my roommates and asked if they would all be willing to throw in money for a new AC installation in the house. They said there was no way we would buy an AC for somebody else to have in their home. Then I asked them if the landlord paid for most of it, would they be willing to split the remaining costs. So I spoke with the landlord and he finally agreed to cover most of the AC installation if we all agreed to be a quarter of the cost. We all decided it was reasonable and paid for this new AC installation. The air conditioning has been fantastic and the best part is the energy bills are lower than ever. We all agreed that the money we spent was great for our comfort and it made studying so much easier. We all stayed there for a long time living together in that house too, it was just a pain dealing with the expense to refuel the oil furnace in the winter season. We even ran out of oil a few times and that was a miserable experience for everybody.

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