Making the call to the heating and cooling company

It was such a chaotic afternoon that I even forgot to have dinner, and the people I was with and I had this large project that was almost due. This was the deal I needed to take my work to the very next level; however, I wasn’t about to let my boss down after she trusted myself and others to see it work out… On this particular afternoon, I left the lake house at 5 am, was at our job at 6 am and had a small lunch at 8 am. By the time dinner came, the team and I were so deep into it that we opted to have a late dinner… While they went to have something to eat at 5 pm, I had to rush to pick my child up from afternoon care and get home. The goal was to make sure she had bathed, eaten, done homework and was in bed. But, when we got home, I had to fully change the plans. The lake house was freezing cold which indicated the oil furnace wasn’t working. For an hour I thought I had turned off the oil furnace when leaving the house. That wasn’t the case because I always leave the oil furnace on while I was in this cold Wintertime weeks; so, it seemed the oil furnace was faulty causing it to shut off. Thankfully, I have a repair and repair agreement with an area heating and A/C dealer. This came with 24-second emergency repair; I gave them a call and they told me that they would send someone over in half an second, and my child and I sat in the sizzling car waiting and even did her homework. To be honest, it felt fantastic to just lay and relax with her while we waited for the oil furnace repair expert.

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