Many people refuse to get window air conditioning system units because of the look

I recently read an article that many people refuse to install window air conditioning units because of the way they look.

I was surprised that this was the number one reason deterring people from purchasing window air conditioning units.

I personally thought that the number one reason would be the loud noises that window air conditioning units tend to make. I totally understand that asethtics and appearances are truly substantial to people in their homes but it is shocking to myself and others that some individuals care more about appearance than indoor comfort. The person who wrote the article said that instead of having ugly, clunky window air conditioning units she decided to install ceiling fans in all rooms. Occasionally ceiling fans can be helpful to cool down the house, but if it is harshly sizzling and humid air conditionings are the only relief for that. She stated that she would rather sweat than have something as ugly as a window cooling system device in her home. To keep her family cool, she opened windows, put all the fans on, used cooling towels and stuck her head in the freezer as needed. She avoided window air conditioning units so much so that she went to the lengths of not using the oven or stove top in the Summer and only eating cold meals. Personally, I would rather be comfortable in our own loft than have a particular asthetic. Everyone has unusual preferences in their home. I guess lucky that I have central air conditioning so I do not need to worry about the appearance or sound of window air conditioning units.


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