Milly’s thermostat was in the wrong location

Milly was looking forward to her new life and job.

The move hadn’t been easy since she was all alone.

But, being alone had always been her super power. Milly has taken care of herself since she was 17. After so many years of learning how to thrive under the toughest circumstances, this move was like a walk in the park. Her only apprehension was she was now living in a state she’d never been to before. Everything was new, but Milly was determined to make it since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Her new employer had seen her work on Instagram and offered her the job with an amazing salary package. Milly managed to find a house to buy in the area with the help of a friend. It had great features, but Milly had to make some upgrades that included updating the heating and cooling system. The house also had this old dial thermostat that had to go. Milly did some research online and found an HVAC company in the area with great reviews. Apart from the reviews, Milly also liked the amazing discounts, especially for first time customers. She gave them a call and an HVAC rep came to the house to do an assessment. She was a lovely lady who gave Milly lots of advice when she enquired about the best cooling and heating system for her home. Milly also wanted to know more about thermostats, specifically smart thermostats and how they work. The HVAC rep went into detail about different cooling and heating systems that would suit Milly’s new home. She also showed her a demonstration video about the latest smart thermostats in the market.


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