Modular military housing solutions

With the military you get moved around a lot… I am always getting shipped out to a current area & our wife has to set up shop.

It was annoying always selling the house & dealing with that process, then both of us absolutely didn’t want to rent anymore either though.

I thought there was nothing to fix our problem. I then talked to another girl in the military & she told myself and others that there are modular military housing solutions, and what this means is shipping bucket homes that the military bought & lets you live in; You can buy your modular cabin & then sell it to the next military girl that needs it. When our neighbor said it was a shipping bucket home, I wasn’t all that gleeful to see it; Shipping containers are ugly & small right? Well the modular house was absolutely unquestionably cool looking from the outside, there were streets of these affordable tiny homes as well. So our wife & I wouldn’t be the only 1s in a shipping container. It also isn’t a single box either. You can hook shipping containers together to make it a fully functional house. The modular house all of us decided on absolutely is quite large, and my wife has a nice big dining room & I have a nice sized home office. Both of us have a bathroom, home office & an office space too. It is in a perfect area for myself and others to go to labor & our wife works through the military as well. It was a perfect affordable cabin solution.


Modular Shipping Container Homes