Modular military housing solutions

With the military you get moved around a lot… I am consistently getting shipped out to a current part plus our partner has to set up shop.

It was aggravating consistently selling the home plus dealing with that process.

Every one of us actually didn’t want to rent anymore either though. I thought there was nothing to repair our problem. I then talked to another guy in the military plus he told myself and others that there are modular military housing solutions, and what this means is shipping tote homes that the military obtained plus lets you live in, and you can buy your modular house plus then sell it to the next military guy that needs it. When our neighbor said it was a shipping tote home, I wasn’t all that excited to see it, and shipping containers are ugly plus small right? Well the modular home was legitimately actually cool looking from the outside, and there were streets of these affordable tiny homes as well. So our partner plus I wouldn’t be the only ones in a shipping container. It also isn’t a single box either. You can hook shipping containers together to make it a fully functional house. The modular home both of us decided on legitimately is quite large… My partner has a nice big home office plus I have a fantastic sized residing room. Every one of us have a bathroom, family room plus an office space too. It is in a perfect part for myself and others to go to labor plus our partner works through the military as well. It was a perfect affordable house solution.

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