Movie theater air conditioning isn't working

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to the movies.

We are very much into horror films and since it’s October we went to see the newest slasher film.

A lot of times we just catch one at the redbox and relax on our couch grabbing snacks from our local store. October is different for us, we go to halloween parties, do costume contests, check out the local haunted houses but do travel if we think there is a cool haunted house within a couple hours drive. This is our season and going to the movie theater yesterday was no different. We actually dressed up as I was a vampire and she was a zombie. We most definitely didn’t match when it came to our costumes but it’s all about fun and building memories. Movie in its own right was great with the storytelling and special effects. The only issue is that it was extremely hot there. When we arrived there was a sign up stating that the air conditioning unit was down and they would have a cooling technician first thing the next morning. In cute letters below it said “watch at your own risk.” Very halloween of them! It was a little warm at first but nothing we couldn’t handle. After thirty minutes it felt like we were in a furnace. Her makeup started to run and one of us forgot to put on deodorant. It wasn’t pleasant I can say. I’m glad there were not many people there as we went on a Wednesday but if it was a weekend day then someone would’ve probably got sick. Note to self bring deodorant just in case.


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