Moving across the country with my son

It’s been a long time and it took forever for me to sell my house but I needed a change.

I lost the love of my life a few years back and it’s been really hard for me.

I also can see it’s been a struggle for my son as well as his grades have taken a hit. So we are moving from the southern part of the United States to the north eastern part of the United States. The weather patterns are way different up here. We are moving into our new house during the hottest part of the season. The house needs tons of work but I am quite the handyman! I have my own business as a HVAC specialist which is doing very well but we are moving up north. I do have HVAC technicians still working for me so I still have that going for me. I hired a few HVAC techs and named one of my more seasoned employees as manager. His name is Jerald and he knows everything in the heating and cooling business. In a way I’m excited for the change as both my son and I need it. My son is not a HVAC professional one bit but this gives me the opportunity to teach him the business. I plan on handing it over to him when he gets older so I can retire somewhere really nice. It’s going to be a hot summer as I’m not going to work on the air conditioning. I want us to focus on the rest of the house as well as the new heating we need to install.



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