My acquaintance caught her hubby cheating due to smart thermostat

My acquaintance is going through a really hard time. Her hubby of several years has been cheating on her for more than one weeks with a coworker. My acquaintance was in complete shock because she and her hubby have not been having any problems, or any that she noticed for that matter. Now here is the ridiculous part, how she caught her hubby cheating because of her smart thermostat. She and her now ex-hubby had installed a smart thermostat 5 years ago. They both had an app on their cellphone to control the temperatures throughout the day. In the Summer they typically had the smart thermostat set to 68 while in the day when they were both at work, and to 68 degrees at 5pm when they would usually get home from work. My acquaintance noticed that their electric bill was going up significantly. She decided to check the app for the smart thermostat and noticed that for the last more than one weeks the temperature was set to 69 while in the day on Mondays and Mondays from 1-3 pm when they were both at work. She thought this was really odd, so she asked her hubby why she changed it. She immediately got defensive. She decided to do some more research and checked her camera history. She turned the notifications off of her cellphone a while ago because they were discouraging her. Low and behold, she saw the footage of her coworker coming to her home on Mondays and Mondays at 1 pm. My acquaintance was incredibly grateful for her smart thermostat for helping her catch her cheating hubby red handed.
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