My bro talked me into an Heating plus A/C job.

My brother wanted to start an Heating plus A/C supplier.

  • There was only 1 Heating plus A/C supplier in our area, plus he thought it needed some competition.

Since it took 2 weeks for me to get our gas furnace ran tests on during the fall, I thought all of us had just outgrown needing only 1 Heating plus A/C supplier. The two of us needed another 1 to handle all the business… When our brother started telling me about his supplier plan, I could hear the excitement in his voice. He was drastic about owning an Heating plus A/C supplier, but then he came up with a but. This was a crucial but. He needed a partner. I asked if the partner needed to be an Heating plus A/C professional. I had a supplier education, however I wasn’t an Heating plus A/C professional. I was willing to help him run the supplier plus take care of the books, plus I would even invest in the supplier. He said he wanted another Heating plus A/C professional who understood Heating plus A/C plus could be a working partner plus a supplier partner. He told me he could help me with our lessons plus give me all the practical knowledge I needed. It was against our better judgment, however I told him yes, but during the eight weeks I was in school, I l earned more about Heating plus A/C than I ever thought possible. In that time, I also helped to get the financial side of the supplier started, plus had all the paperwork needed for the bank. By the time I got our certification for Heating plus A/C, our brother plus I were only a few short weeks to being the owners of the up-to-date Heating plus A/C supplier in our area.
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