My brother graduated HVAC school

I can not tell you how proud of my little brother I am, he just recently graduated from heating and A/C system school and he worked his tail off to graduate! He put his all into making sure he was at those heating and A/C system classes every single night of the month after he worked a job all day, and now he graduated with honors and got his proper license to be a certified heating and A/C system specialist! What makes me even more proud of him is the fact that he was able to get a job almost instantaneously with the local heat and air conditioning corporation, they hired him on the spot seeing he just graduated with honors from the heating and A/C system school.

They strive to hire up and coming heat and air conditioning system specialists that have the potential to be nothing but the best. And my little brother fell into that realm of things because of how well he did in heating and A/C system school. I never had any interest in heating and A/C system and went another route in life, but for my little brother it was his dream to become a certified heating and A/C system specialist and work for one of the premiere heating and cooling companies in my local area, like I said, I am truly proud of him and hope and wish him the best in all he does in the heating and A/C system business. He will go really far I know and someday may be a manager!
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