My child wants laser teeth whitening for her birthday

For her birthday this year, our 18 year old child wants to get laser teeth whitening done.

  • I don’t suppose if this is the best proposal that she has ever had, even though she just keeps on talking about it.

I honestly just don’t guess that she is going to let it go. I told her dad the other afternoon that we honestly might want to start checking out different dentist offices in the vicinity who offer teeth whitening because we are honestly just going to have to chop down plus pay for him to get it done. I personally have not done any research at all on laser teeth whitening, so I don’t even suppose how safe or effective it truly is, then my child has done all kinds of research about it, of course, however, I don’t honestly suppose if I trust her opinion or not. Her opinion is going to be skewed by the fact that she honestly wants to get it done. I suppose that there is a dental office near us that has gave laser teeth whitening in the past, but I am not sure if they are still doing it. I would love to be able to talk to someone who has had it done before so that I could find out how things went for them. Maybe I will call up that dentist office plus see if they have any ratings or references that I could speak to about it. I hope that it is safe plus effective, just so our child can get what she wants for her birthday gift this year!



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