My company needs to replace their entire roof because it keeps leaking

I work for a medium-sized company and the office building is a bit dated.

In fact, it is an old warehouse that was renovated and outfitted with offices, so the floor plan is a bit strange.

My office is located in the back of the building between the coffee and a storage room, which means there are always lots of people coming and going – mostly to get coffee and supplies. Well one day, I heard someone make an exclamation filled with some choice words and when I went to investigate, it was the maintenance guy and he said that the roof had a major leak, and destroyed some of the supplies in the storage room. Boxes of printing paper were ruined and had to be tossed out, and there were also some files that could not be saved. Unfortunately, they knew that the roof had leaks in it and have had the roofing contractor come out to fix the roof on multiple occasions. But it seems like we are discovering a new leak every time it rains. The roof has never leaked over the storage room and because my office is close by, I am worried that I will walk in one day after a bad rainstorm to find my files and computer covered in water. Bottom line, they need to hire a commercial roofing contractor and have them provide an estimate on the cost of fixing the roof. I think they need a new roof, but I doubt that they will do a full roof replacement because it would cost them way too much money. For now, I have requested an office in the front of the building far away from that leak.

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