My cousin works for an area Heating, AC, and Plumbing business

My cousin Justin has always been like my big brother.

We both grew up in the same area and our dads are blood brothers.

It was either Justin was in my house or I was over at his house. This went on even when he went to high school. Justin was always looking out for me and made sure I felt safe. When he finished high school, I still had two more years. Justin had made it clear he didn’t want to go to college and instead went to plumbing school. He was training to become a plumber and get his certification. While home, we would talk about the future and he encouraged me to look into HVAC schools. His suggestion was I train to become an HVAC expert since I’m also good with tools and stuff. After graduating from plumber school, Justin hit the ground running. Now he works for an Heating, AC and Plumbing business in town. The owner employs HVAC experts to take care of the heating and cooling system. At the same time, Justin and his co-workers take care of plumbing issues. I think it’s a pretty cool idea to manage to get such essential services under one roof. Justin told me they still hire HVAC experts and will put in a good word for me. I’m now in my first year of HVAC school and time keeps flying. It was only recently that Justin was speaking about training to become a plumber and now he works as one. Soon, I’ll join him and work as an HVAC expert.
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