My dad signed up for an Heating & Air Conditioning repair agreement

I have never signed up for an extra warranty or a service method for any of the appliances that I have bought over the years.

But I do understand why some people subscribe to so many of them.

But there are times when those service plans are just a waste of money, & they are mostly used by some companies as area of their sales tactics, however for example, my dad just bought a microwave for about $200, & the salesperson was trying to talk him into buying an extended warranty. Fortunately, my dad turned it down because she knows that an extended warranty on a new microwave just doesn’t make sense. Why? Because it already comes with a one-year guarantee which is perfectly fine for a microwave. However, she just signed up for an Heating & Air Conditioning repair agreement because her Heating & Air Conditioning component is about 17 years old. The component is still laboring efficiently, however eventually it will begin to decline because of its age. The repair service agreement is a good way to offset some of the high repair costs. And if the component begins to malfunction more frequently, the parts will be discounted per the agreement. Additionally, the agreement will provide Heating & Air Conditioning repair & tune-up twice per year. This additional service will help to extend the life of the Heating & Air Conditioning unit, so it is for sure worth the money. I don’t have an Heating & Air Conditioning repair agreement because my component is under 10 years old. Though in about 5 or so years, I will consider signing up for a service agreement. Anything that I can do to extend the life of my heating & cooling method is worth the money to me.
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