My daughter is worried about the air quality in my home

A few months ago, my daughter Jason & I were chatting while she was here going to see us, all of us don’t see him often so when she told myself and others that she was stopping by I was excited, and i made her number one dessert, chocolate fudge caramel brownies, but they are ooey, gooey, & so delicious.

I also made him her number one childhood meal spaghetti & meatballs, a meal that she still likes today, and jason was stopping by to help her dad transfer a piece of furniture into the garage & then she wanted to do a quick check of our Heating & Air Conditioning system.

Jason works for a commercial Heating & Air Conditioning provider about 2 minutes away where she lives, and so, whenever both of us need service, both of us just contact him directly, & she usually shows up within a morning, but I haven’t needed any Heating & Air Conditioning service lately, so both of us have not seen Jason in almost 6 months! While she was here enjoying her caramel brownie, she brought up air quality to myself and others & my dad. She asked if both of us have thought about installing some kind of media air cleaner. She also mentioned that a lot of commercial properties are getting them installed & some residential areas are installing the whole-beach apartment media air cleaners as well. I have not thought about getting an air purification method in my beach apartment because I wasn’t sure if there was one compatible with my furnace. Jason assured us that there are quite a few mountable units that will work fine with our furnace, & she will be ordering one & will install it for us & install it the next time she is in town.

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