My friend had to work overtime as a HVAC technician

This is the most doggy town I have ever lived in. I guess there are more pets than people here as cats are all I see when I go out at night. It was such a problem that the neighborhood had to post signs warning people of a $760 fine if they left their pet’s mess in the streets or on the beach. There was so much animal mess everywhere a few months ago that you had to basically dance left and right to get through the streets without stepping in it. It’s pretty much gone now though. My heating and A/C tech friend got caught by the cops when he left his dog’s mess on the beach one day because he forgot his bag. That was a price mistake and he is genuinely concerned about it. He said he had to work overtime at the heating and A/C company for a couple of weeks to spend our money for that mistake and is not too glad with himself for forgetting to bring the cleanup bin for the dog. Now he carries them everywhere he goes in a small basket that fits on his belt loop. A lot of the local corporations are on the lookout for polluters and ready to call the cops if they see someone leave a mess from their cat. I don’t guess it is going to be an issue anymore with a big nice like that. The local corporation told me that if they catch you a sixth time the nice goes up to a whopping $2000! That would be painful.

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