My friend let me use their car

I was really thankful when my friend told me I could borrow their car.

My car was currently getting repaired, and since my friend worked from home, she didn’t use her car that much anymore.

I was planning on taking a small road trip an hour or so away, to see some animal attractions. The road trip started off to a good start, and I was having a great time. However, the day I chose was supposed to get really hot. This wasn’t a big concern for me, since I was using my friend’s car. And when it began to heat up, I went to turn on the A/C unit, it worked for a little while, before it suddenly stopped. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn’t work. I had only been using it for maybe 15 minutes before it stopped working. The car quickly began to overheat, and I had to roll down the windows just to stay cool. The cooling wind helped a bit, but not nearly as much as the HVAC cooling system. Other than that, the trip went well and I made sure to fill my friend’s tank back up. When I told my friend about the HVAC component breaking down in her car, she immediately blamed me! I was offended and hurt that she would automatically assume that I was the cause of the issue, even after I explained that I had only used it for 15 minutes, and all I did was turn it on. Regardless, she is not speaking to me now, and the entire situation is just incredibly frustrating for me.