My friend owns a auto mechanic shop that offers a few services

It’s great to have friends in different service industries.

I recall when I was a kid my dad always knew a guy that he could call when he needed something.

When he had an issue with his car, he called his friend who was a mechanic, and he was able to fix the car right away. My dad also had a tire guy, which came in handy all the time. He received discounted rates on all the tires that he ever purchased for his cars. Because I saw this growing up, it only made sense for me to follow in my dad’s footsteps. Currently, I am great friends with Jason who is the owner of a major mechanic shop in my town. We went to high school together, so we were friends prior to him owning his shop. In fact, when he opened the shop, I helped him with some minor things. I got the signage for the business as well as the custom vehicle graphics done for him. Anyway, this mechanic shop is great because it provides multiple services. They include window tinting, car washing as well as a vehicle detailing service. It’s a one stop shop for all your car needs. I use the vehicle detailing and car washing services every two weeks and because I am a regular customer, I receive a great discount. Perhaps I should mention that I am also friends with the person who manages the vehicle detailing and tinting portion of the business. Just like my dad had friends in different service industries, I completely understand why he did that.

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