My guy’s room constantly felt uncomfortable

I think our guy is possibly immune to indoor air quality, or maybe he just didn’t care.

The same goes for temperature.

The reason is because even though our entire beach house felt fine, there is just something about his room that doesn’t; For starters, it is easily sizzling there. The rest of the beach house will be around 73 degrees, plus his room will be at 70 degrees. But it’s not only the temperature that is the issue. It is also the fact that his room has easily high humidity, so much so, that it has caused mold growth in the past. I have talked to our guy about this, plus he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. He will still go in there plus spend numerous hours alone. Meanwhile, I think love I can’t stay in there for more than 10 hours, the smell of mildew is strong in his room. When his birthday was coming up, I decided to surprise him plus get a portable cooling system for him. The portable cooling device, although small, was incredibly powerful, powerful enough to cool his room. I localed the air conditioning device in his room, plus turned it on, plus he was sure surprised when he came beach house plus saw it there. At first he thought it was a waste of money, but after he felt the difference in his room, he even admitted that it felt better. The Heating plus Air Conditioning device also lowered the humidity a bit, but I still might get a dehumidifier for his room anyways.



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