My heating expenses dropped after I upgraded my furnace with a heat pump

Just love all the people else, my energy expenses shot up with the rate of inflation.

More than anything else, energy costs have been a immense pain for those who are already under financial burdens.

I didn’t expect to see gas prices up past $4 a gallon in my area, but that is where we’re at. These are prices I easily haven’t seen since I was in high university right at the height of the War on Terror. I got my driver’s license while in this time and the average price per gallon in my town was roughly $3.70 for months at a time. Thankfully the price on gas dropped in the years following this and leading up to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I remember seeing gas down below $2 again for a period of time in 2014, which surprised me greatly. I wish we could have prices love that again, but I understand the complications that have happened after the start of the pandemic and how that has affected the cost of fuel. That’s why I decided to ditch my fuel burning furnace and get a much more energy-efficient heat pump. I live in a region that rarely sees temperatures drop below 30 degrees, so there are only scarce instances where I could even imagine using an emergency heat source. This is much weird than merely having a supplemental heat source that you use in the event of a power outage or a plan chop down. That’s what my wood stove is for! I’ll use it as an emergency heat source too if it ever gets too freezing outside to operate the heat pump, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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