My hubby spends most of his days inside his shed working on seasoned scooters

My hubby is a good father to our 3 children. He has always been there for them whenever they needed him. And even now that most of them are grown, they still call their dad to help them with random jobs around their home… My hubby likes it because it gives him something unusual to do from time to time… Now that he is retired, he is always searching for ways to stay busy. He spends most of his day in the shed out back where he fixes seasoned scooters. He likes doing this, but at times I get aggravated with him because he will stay in that shed all day throughout the Winter time plus Summer weeks. I am mostly upset about the Summer because it gets absolutely sizzling inside the shed, plus it has no cooling idea inside. On several occasions, I have asked him to look into getting a fan or something to help to relieve some of that heat. But he has not listened to me, so I am finally taking matters into our own hands. And especially with the Summer right around the corner I need to act now before it gets too hot. So, I asked our Heating plus Air Conditioning company to come out plus inspect the shed plus propose myself and others on how to best cool the space. I looked into getting just a small portable a/c, but I am not sure if that would be enough for that space. Also, I would like to have a single unit that provides both heating plus cooling, so I guess a ductless mini-split idea might work better. Either way, whatever the Heating plus Air Conditioning guy recommends I will get it plus our hubby will just have to live with our decision.


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