My husband worried our furnace wouldn't last through the winter.

We sat at the table talking about what we were going to purchase for our parents for Christmas.

We had only been sitting there for a few minutes, when he heard a strange noise coming from the basement.

He opened the door, and announced it was coming from the furnace. I ran over and the noise was definitely coming from the furnace. Even before I could say anything, he had his phone in hand, and he was calling the HVAC company. We knew we had a problem with the furnace last year, but we didn’t take it seriously. The HVAC technician had mentioned something about buying a new furnace, but we didn’t have the money. Here we were, in the middle of winter, and our furnace was acting up. Christmas was only a few days away and we worried we would need to make the choice between buying gifts, or getting a new furnace. When he hung up, he said the HVAC technician would be at the house later that afternoon. I had the day off, so neither of us had to take time off so someone would be home for the HVAC tech. While waiting for the HVAC technician, I was doing some serious calculations. I was trying to decide if we could afford a new furnace right now. As much as I hoped our furnace would last for the rest of the winter, I was doubtful, and needed a game plan. By the time the HVAC technician arrived, I had all the figures, and knew that whatever he said needed done, we would be able to swing it and still buy Christmas presents.

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