My indecision was about HVAC replacements

I am easily happy to have the latest in HVAC tech

I usually ignore things that I simply don’t want to deal with. That’s neither productive nor particularly adult or mature behavior. But that’s how I often react. So when I found out that the old heat pump was nearing the end, I sort of wanted to pretend that I didn’t hear that. I was told about the heat pump when the HVAC specialist came out to do the air conditioning tune up last Spring. I was in complete and utter denial to the degree that I simply chose to go through another Summer with air conditioning which was totally on the ropes. I recognize subconsciously, I made an effort to ease the load on the HVAC unit. Last Summer was the first time that I was consistent with the temp control unit setting being no more than 15 degrees cooler than outside. And I also was much more consistent with pulling the shades in order to mitigate direct sunlight heating. And miraculously, the heat pump lasted through the summer. But that did not change the fact that I needed new central HVAC equipment. When I bought this new home more than nine years ago, I inherited the HVAC unit. And it’s done fairly well as I’ve made sure it gets seasonal HVAC repairs every year. But finally, I knew that I had to do something plus do something soon. I don’t need much heating from the heat pump in our region so I chose the winter time to move ahead with replacing the HVAC unit. The HVAC dealer made the whole process pretty self-explanatory plus my friend and I were able to agree on financial terms as well. I am easily happy to have the latest in HVAC tech. But I’m even happier to have finally made a decision.


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