My life changed ever since the near death experience

You know, a near death situation definitely makes you see the world in a different light.

I’m thankful to be alive for starters, I could have been killed by that wolf that came at me at the camping ground. I was there with my buddies. We had all the best camping gear too to have an enjoyable time. We even had a couple of portable HVAC units to keep us cozy with the ideal temperature control settings in our large tent, which we all shared because it was huge. When I encountered the wolf one day, I thought nothing was going to stop him from leaping at me and taking me out and I didn’t have my rifle on me. Fortunately my buddies heard the wolf growling and found me there having a face off with him. They tossed rocks at the wolf and were able to scare him away. We didn’t even bother to stick around after that, we packed everything up quickly and got in our SUV and headed out. I remember just telling my buddy to crank the AC system and I didn’t say much after that. I was so shaken up by the situation and I wasn’t really able to make conversation with anybody. All I could think about was how my life flashed before my eyes and I didn’t feel like I was ready to let go just yet. If my buddies hadn’t saved me from being attacked by that wolf, I probably would have tried to fight but I think I would have died for sure.



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