My long time hobby is tweaking heating and air conditioning

And if sold I have to make sure that it is safe to be used in people’s homes

I have the most unique hobby a lot of people tell me. I hunt through dumpsters around the area looking for broken heat and a/c equipment and then I take it and fix it up. After I fix it, I end up trying to sell it to local independent heating and air conditioning specialists at a cheaper price than what they would have to pay from one of their standard heating and air conditioning suppliers. They are well aware that it is used heating and cooling equipment. But what they do not know is that it was dig out from a dumpster and repaired by me! If they knew that I would not have a chance in the world in selling this refurbished junk. But the thing is, it is no longer junk because I wash everything in deep detail to ensure that it is sanitary and as clean and good as it would be coming out of the factory. That part of my heating and air conditioning repair work I do is the toughest. But I get it done. I do not want to even work on fixing the stuff until it is clean. After all it has been in the dumpster with god knows what. And if sold I have to make sure that it is safe to be used in people’s homes. I would not want to be responsible for spreading diseases. All around I have a nice little side hobby here that proves to be very profitable and it is also something I enjoy doing.