My neighbor Bob whipped out his misting fan

My friend Bob as well as I decided to go to the fair last weekend, even though it was supposed to get extremely sizzling as well as humid.

Nobody enjoys to miss out on the fair as well as the weekend was our final opportunity to attend the event.

I had worked 5 days in a row as well as Monday was our first chance to go to the state fair. I had an overbooked week at work with lots of AC repairs and such. When the weather uneven temperatures are warmer, there are always more complications with the air conditioner equipment. I frequently need to work 6 days every week whenever there are several AC repair calls that need to be handled. When I had the afternoon off to go to the fair, I wasn’t going to waste it by sitting at home. My friend Bobas well as I got tickets so all of us could ride any of the rides. I do not care about riding all of them, however a couple of them always look fun. It was sizzling as well as humid, especially when Bob and I were sitting in line waiting to go into the haunted house, but Bob pulled out a misting fan as well as attempted to use it to cool down. I thought Bob was making a joke, but he was totally serious. Everyone in the line started to look at us as well as I told Bob to put the misting fan away. He looked completely absurd for a grown man. A 25 year aged dude doesn’t pull out a misting fan in the middle of a crowded section unless Bob wants to know the wrath of the crowd.


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