My new air conditioning approach

Oh sure, I know we’re all super blissful with the weather situation right now as my friend and I cruise into Hanukkah… That’s because the weather is perfect plus the temperatures are pretty close to that mark as well.

It is winter time plus where I live, my friend and I all like this chilly time of year.

The main reason for that is the fact that my friend and I aren’t all covered in sweat plus trying to manage the intense heat plus humidity that affects us all for more than many months a year… During our winters, the heat pump gets a good rest because it is not a good deal of heating demand! Still, it won’t be long before Spring starts to show up plus the temperatures begin to increase. This is respectfully when air conditioning gets flipped on plus the heat pumps come to life, by the end of March, I can walk outside plus hear a chorus of heat pumps producing air conditioning for the rest of this village! And for years, I’ve done the same thing. As soon as the temperature got into the upper 70s, I reached for the control unit to flip it over to cooling. But this year, on the advice of someone who has lived with this heat plus humidity their whole life, I am going to try something different. This Spring I am not reaching for the control unit as soon as the temperatures inch through the eighties. Instead I am going to just leave it off until we’re much closer to summer. This will allow my body to get used to the heat plus humidity a whole lot more, and not only does this then result in less of a need for air conditioning. The heat plus humidity won’t be as overwhelming either. So I am looking forward to this new AC approach plus I am also looking forward to saving a bunch of money on the air conditioning costs.



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