My partner was poised to get a crown and root canal

My wife had to get a root canal and a crown on one of her cuspids, but she had a cavity in the tooth for a couple of weeks while in the pandemic… And we were unable to see the dentist and the cavity became worse.

After she had the opportunity to go to a dentist, she found out that the tooth needed a root canal, and unfortunately, the family dentist and general practitioner does not perform root canals. We had to drive to the city to get the root canal performed! The process to get the root canal was honestly long, then my wife had to get a bunch of X-rays and she had to go for a fitting. Then she also had the root canal. After that, she had to wait for the swelling to go down. Then the dentist fitted her for a crown, but finally, the dentist put the permanent Crown into her mouth, but I simply waited outside in the automobile while my wife was inside getting the final crown. She did not really want myself and others to see it until it was done. When she came out to the automobile and smiled, I have to say that I was extremely surprised. The color of the crown was exactly the same as the rest of the teeth that are in her mouth. The crown doesn’t really stick out at all. The dentist did a truly wonderful job making sure that the modern tooth would look exactly similar to the rest of the ones in her mouth. I have a root canal busy next week, however I’m not truly looking forward to starting the long and drawn out dental procedure.



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