My sister was panicking because our AC was leaking moisture

My sister and I have been close all our lives.

  • It was tough growing up in foster care.

But, we were lucky to meet our mom, who adopted us so that we could stay together. She once visited a social worker looking to foster some kids, and the guy told her about us. When we met, it was like meeting the best person in the world. After 2 years, she chose to adopt us, and we’ve been with her ever since. Mom works full time, and we go to school. When we come home, we try and help around so that she has less to do when she gets home in the evening. Last Friday, we got home as usual and noticed the AC was off. My sister went to check on the AC unit in the basement and came back hysterical. She was panicking because the AC was leaking moisture. This meant it was faulty, and mom would have to pay for HVAC repair. Even though mom works full time, we know that money is tight. I tried my best to calm my sister down and explained that everything would be okay. I still have money from all the summer jobs I’ve done over the years. I always keep around to help mom out when there’s a crisis, and she’s in need. At first, she used to protest, but I reminded her that she saved us, so we would always be there to help her. When mom got home, I had already spoken with the HVAC repair person, and she was coming by the following morning. Since it was the weekend, my sister and I would be there to ensure she repaired and everything was running smoothly. Mom hugged us and said she was the luckiest mother in the world to have such wonderful kids.
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