My sister's fiance kicked a hole in the door.

I try not to get into arguments between our child and her fiance, however they live in a house I own… I’m allowing them to live there rent free, and all I ask is that they keep the house in great repair… When our child called myself and others and she was crying, I thought she may have hurt her.

What she had to tell myself and others wasn’t making myself and others irritated because she hurt her, however because she kicked a hole in the door.

I asked why she did such a thing, and she said she locked him out, but this was a stupid thing to do, because if people want in a house, it doesn’t matter what the deterrent, they will enter. I seldom lock our doors because of this reasoning. If they want to rob our house, they will.. It’s poor enough I’ll need to substitute whatever they’ve stolen, however I won’t need to do window substitutements or door substitutements. When she told myself and others she locked the door because she saw him talking to a girl, I told her she was foolish. I figured that having a door substitutement done was area of the home’s upkeep and I told her it was her responsibility to have it substituted! She thought I should make it the responsibility of her fiance, however she was the a single who moved in first, however she didn’t transport in until after she agreed to the rules of residing in the house. I wasn’t sure she was going to have the door substitutement done, however I’m hoping it teaches her a lesson about taking obligations seriously.

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