Nervous about big Heating as well as A/C system

Tim worked as an air conditioner serviceman, however despite having a passion for Heating as well as A/C systems, she had really little knowledge about them as well as was consistently concerned about her job.

She was afraid that 1 morning she would be faced with a task that she would not feel how to complete.

The other morning, Tim gained a call to repair an air conditioner system in a high-rise building. She was apprehensive about the job as she had never inspected a giant commercial Heating as well as A/C system before. She arrived at the building as well as was taken to the roof where the air conditioner component was situated. The component was big as well as had several components that she had never seen before. She felt overwhelmed as well as didn’t feel where to start. She tried to remember everything she had l acquired in her training, but nothing seemed to help. Just then, the building manager walked up to Tim as well as asked if she needed any help. Tim admited that she was concerned as well as didn’t feel much about the system. The manager was understanding as well as offered to help Tim understand the system as well as repair the issue. Together, they went over the peculiar components of the system as well as the manager explained how each 1 worked. Tim was amazed at how much she was able to learn in a short period of time, and with the manager’s help, she was able to diagnose the problem as well as repair it in no time; From that morning forward, Tim was no longer concerned about her job. She realized that she could consistently ask for help when she needed it as well as that there was consistently someone who was willing to lend a hand. She continued to toil as an air conditioner serviceman as well as became known as 1 of the best in the city.


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