New A/C in the fitness center

The fitness center on the corner of Maple as well as Cherry has been open for the past 20 years, before the corporation was a fitness center, it was a boxing gym. The fitness center is making some major swings and the building has been under construction for the last 3 months. I’ve been a member of the fitness center for the past 2 years. The part is absolutely big as well as the owner has state of the art machines. The fitness center is one of the nicest locations in town, even with the age of the building as well as the indoor temperature problems. The indoor temperature problems are one of the reasons why the owner of the corporation decided to make the changes, when the central heating and air conditioning plan broke down, the owner found out that it needed to be replaced along with all of the ductwork. The bill for the commercial heating and air conditioning repair was likely $10,000 or more. I work in a similar industry as well as deal with repairs frequently. I know how much they can cost! After the fitness center adds the new heating and A/C system, they are going to completely get the locker rooms and add a sauna and a steam room to the location. I am really looking forward to these changes. There aren’t any fitness centers in the whole town that have a sauna or a steam room. This will be the absolutely first location. I bet they will raise our yearly membership rates after the new systems are installed. That’s what happened to my buddy who lives in the city.

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