New HVAC business in the neighborhood

We’ve not had any HVAC business in our small town for a long time.

We’ve always had to call for services from an HVAC provider from the city, which is an hour away.

Every winter and summer season has been anxiety-inducing, especially in the case of HVAC unit emergencies. The city business also serves clients from two other towns, and despite having a large staff, we still needed an HVAC professional within our neighborhood. Being an old town, most houses were old and lacking in quality HVAC, and there were too many HVAC maintenance calls, especially with the more extreme winters and summers we are getting. You can imagine our glee when we started getting flyers that one of the city HVAC brands was opening up in our town. The new business meant we wouldn’t have to wait long hours for the HVAC repairman. They also offered discounts on several new HVAC equipment, including programmable thermostats. The queue on opening day was so long that they had us sign up our names and take tickets for them to serve everyone adequately. Of course, we joined the rest of the town in rushing for the HVAC deals on offer and booking an HVAC installation as soon as possible because our old unit was on its deathbed after ten long years of serving us. My brother works close to the new business, so we were among the first to be done. They offered advice on suitable units for our house and booked us for an upgrade by the end of the month. From our explanation of the problem with our A/C, we deserved a replacement to help with indoor comfort.

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