New HVAC System With the Old Doorway Trim

I had to replace the trim around the closet where the HVAC company installed the larger air handler.

My dad, for some odd reason, used 2×4’s to trim the doorway of the closet for the air handler and it looked a bit bulky and unfinished.

I bet that he didn’t have any normal door and window trim around so he used 2×4’s. It’s not a big deal, I just removed the wood he put up and got some new door trim and installed and painted it. Now it looks finished. The HVAC system works well all over the house except for my bedroom. My room is much hotter than the rest of the rooms and I want to see if we can get an HVAC repairman to come out and measure the temp in the rooms to see if it is cooling the house evenly throughout. I feel like the air in my room is stagnant and not moving like the other rooms and I’m not sure why but I need to get it checked out soon. I guess I could go to the local business today and buy a thermometer and measure it myself. I bet the temp in my room is five degrees more than the rest of the house but I need to check and see first with a thermometer. Maybe the vent is too small in my room or the ductwork isn’t set up properly, but I’m not an HVAC expert so I really need to get someone in here who knows what they are doing.

Hybrid HVAC system