None of the lights on the hot tub were working

It was my idea to buy a used hot tub.

I knew it wasn’t the best idea, but one of my friends from work knew a guy that knew a guy.

I didn’t ask a lot of questions about the hot tub. It was in decent shape and I saw pictures of it running. I didn’t know if the hot tub had hot water or not, but the guy selling it assured me that the hot water would work just fine. The problem with the hot water turned out not to be the biggest issue with the hot tub. The biggest issue with the hot tub was the fact that none of the lights were working. The hot tub was still really cool and neat, but without any lights it wasn’t as fun. None of the inside lights work under the water area where the Jets were located. None of the light above the water worked either. My wife and I had to call an electrical repair service to fix the lights. The electrical repair service told me that it was going to be $250 to repair all the lights. None of the wiring for the electricity was hooked up at all and it was going to take several hours for the electrician to take the hot tub apart and fix all of the problems. My wife and I only paid a couple of hundred dollars for the hot tub. At that point, both of us decided it was time to take the hot tub to the dump. We weren’t going to pay the electrical repair service another 250 bucks so it was best to take it to the dump.


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