Nothing to use for modern amenities

I am supposed to be staying at my cousin’s “modern” condo while I am here in the states for a week.

However, I just arrived here and found that his Wi-Fi isn’t working right now and there is no water from the faucet in the kitchen.

I tried to turn the central thermostat down and it isn’t even working, he needs a working smart thermostat, and one that functions. I am going to try and work on the condo for a bit while I am here to help him out but this location is a mess. I don’t know how he actually can live without Wi-Fi, and water just goes without saying. I am going to the nearest hardware store to buy a HEPA filter for him because he has a pet and I am allergic to dander so I need to get that filter so I can sleep. I suppose I need to go to the beach to try to unwind because this has been a stressful trip coming to the states after being gone. Then I’ll go to the local contractor to ask him if he can come over and look at my dear cousin’s Heating and A/C system because it is a newer system and I am not sure what is wrong with it. I’ve been out of the industry too long I recognize and many things have changed a lot with the HVAC units. I bet he will help me repair it for free because he has a ton of extra currency from his contractor and we’ve been friends for a long time.