Off to the Local Contractor’s Store for Some Home Repair Materials

Today I am going to the big local contractor store to get a few last things I need to finish fixing up the house before I head off overseas in a week.

I’ve helped my stepmom a lot by doing all of the repairs around the house that she was planning on hiring contractors to do. I bet I saved her the amount that she is going to pay me for the work because a handyman or local contractor would have charged her double for the work that I did. I was a licensed painting contractor back in the day and also a carpenter for many years. She did have to call an HVAC company to come out and install a new HVAC system because that is just too far out of my scope and I am not licensed in it either. I think she is going to pay me about $5000 or more for the work I did over the past month and it is going to last me till I come back to visit here again in five months. I am going to go to the HVAC company today and buy her a washable HEPA filter because she has a normal HEPA in her air handler and I would like her to be able to reuse it. I don’t think they cost that much and it really doesn’t matter if it does because she is paying me so well for all of the work I’ve done. My friend is an HVAC specialist at the store and will probably give it to me at cost anyways because I shop there quite often.


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