One more party before I go

This Sunday may be the best memory of my long trip here to the states because my whole family is going to be there.

Well, my oldest sibling won’t be here yet because he is still on the other side of the world but I will certainly see a lot of family that I haven’t seen in years. I would also enjoy getting a nice fire going in my mom’s fireplace while I am there so we can watch the sparks fly plus just relax plus talk about life. I just rented a vehicle plus am driving a car on my own for the first time in almost three years plus it is quite stressful. I have some chilly AC flowing to keep myself and others comfortable but there is so much traffic on the road right about now with all of the snowbirds still here in town. This place will empty out at the time I leave to go back to the condo overseas. I am going to buy my dear old mom a washable HEPA filter for her birthday because she keeps going and buying the cheap 1s plus is throwing them out every three months creating a lot of financial waste. I assume I will buy her more than one of them so she can just try to update the 1 she takes out so she doesn’t have to wait for it to dry. I’m not particularly sure if she has a gas furnace filter but she doesn’t seem to use the old gas furnace much because she uses the gas fireplace to heat the house. Actually, if I’m honest, I am going to buy a small 1 myself when I get back to my home.

dual fuel system