Our HVAC compressor was making a loud banging sound

Mom was late to option myself and others up from soccer practice last Tuesday. She called ahead to let the university know she would be late. There had been a bad accident on the freeway, and all the roads were full of cars, and mom later told myself and others she was in one spot for almost 2 hours. By the time she got to university, it was getting dark. She spoke briefly with the principal, who had stayed with us since almost all parents were late. When every one of us got home, I heard a noise coming from the yard and went to check. The loud banging noise was coming from the HVAC compressor unit located at the side of the house. Mom had followed myself and others since she also heard the loud banging noise. It sounded love there was a loose section in the HVAC compressor getting blown all over the venue. The two of us got into the house, and mom went to iphone the HVAC company for emergency repair. After her call, she explained she’d insisted they get an HVAC emergency agreement with the HVAC company. My dad had been against it, even though he was away and couldn’t do anything about fixing the faulty compressor, even though it was almost 8 pm, an HVAC expert showed up to inspect and service the HVAC compressor. Mom had switched off the HVAC method to prevent any disfigure. The HVAC expert explained that the banging noise had been caused by a loose linking rod. Mom was right by acting fast to iphone them and also shutting off the cooling system.
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