Parts kept splitting down

I know I am the sort of person who gets way too attached to things.

Whether it’s people, places, or items, I tend to form an emotional connection to them that I cannot let go of.

I often get so enmeshed with my surroundings and belongings that it hurts me to part ways with them. This is not consistently a wise way to transfer through life, I know, because it ends up being costly trying to maintain old belongings that need to be retired. For instance, I enjoyed an old vehicle that I repaired dozens of times until it finally pooped out over 350,000 miles. It would have been cheaper to buy a current vehicle 10 years ago than to perform all the professional repairs. The same thing just happened with my indoor heating, cooling and ventilation system. When I moved into this house, I had to buy a central heating and cooling system immediately. It was the first time that I purchased my own indoor climate control and something about that HVAC component made me proud. I was emotionally attached to the climate control component, because it signified maturity and independence. Over the years, the heating and cooling setup started to fail. I was always calling the local heating and cooling professional repair shop for emergencies with my indoor climate control. However, I could not bring myself to replace the heating and cooling system. I poured thousands of dollars into that central heating and cooling system over the years. Finally, my heating and cooling specialist sat me down last year and told me, “It is time.” I have to say goodbye to my old heating and cooling plan, but I’ll be getting a new system that will last me for years.

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