Peace has reigned in the group home because of the zone HVAC system

I have one of the best and most satisfying jobs in the world.

I run a boy’s group home in the heart of the city.

The group home accommodates boy’s from the age of six through to 17 years. These boys come from every situation, some from broken homes, and some are orphans who are in trouble with the law. Since summer began two months ago, I have had disagreements regarding temperature needs within the rooms. The rooms on the first floor are cooler than those on the ground floor. The boys are often over the single digital thermostat to adjust the temperature to their preference. We have had the heat pump for ten years now, and it is not as effective as it was, though we have, for the better part, kept up with the bi-annual HVAC service plan. I finally called the local business and scheduled an HVAC maintenance for the next day. I wanted these fights to stop as soon as yesterday. The cooling technician assured me that it was an issue they could solve. The cooling representatives were prompt the next day. They installed a zone HVAC, which solved the problem of uneven temperature. They also cleaned up the residential HVAC. The indoor air cleaning system was as good as when the HVAC technician replaced the air filters. We noticed an improvement in the air quality within the home. The specialist assured me that everyone would feel the effect of the quality air conditioner this summer and many more. The zoning of HVAC equipment could be done with any HVAC brand. I advised my mum to install such a system.


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