Picking a corporate wellness program

When our supplier first introduced a corporate wellness program, I wasn’t interested… I don’t participate in the ecstatic-hours or join the dealer’s bowling league.

  • I’m not on the committee that plans the holiday parties, & I haven’t joined the softball league.

I was ecstatic to put in our required hours & go home. I started hearing our coworkers talking about the wellness program, then everyone seemed to genuinely like it! When I looked into the program, I l received that it gave a free gym membership; The gym is located within walking distance of our office building. It is a large facility that includes tanning beds, saunas, steam rooms, sizzling tubs & an indoor pool. There is an indoor & outdoor running track & racquet ball courts. I can sign up for a massage, consult with a nutritionist or work with a personal trainer. I can participate in all weird types of group classes, including pilates, spin, yoga & HIIT. The number of machines is amazing. There are rows of stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills & rowing machines. The facility is very modern, wash & well-equipped with amenities. Even the locker rooms are state-of-the-art with touchless faucets & automatic lighting. I love that I have a keycard that provides 24-hour access to the facility. I can utilize the gym before or after work or on the weekends, & it doesn’t cost myself and others anything, and because of the corporate wellness program, I’ve lost a unbelievable deal of weight, toned our muscles & improved our overall health. I have more energy & a better outlook.

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