Places/ events that would be unimaginable without air conditioning

I live in the south and I recently had a discussion with a friend about all of the places we could not handle going to if they were not air conditioned, especially in the summer.

We started listing places that we are super grateful have air conditioning and reasons why.

I will share that list with you and maybe you can relate to some of these. The first one is probably the most obvious. We could not picture going to the grocery store without air conditioning. Could you imagine the smell of the seafood aisle and loading up your cart while sweating? No thank you! Next on the list is school. We are both teachers and we are extremely grateful that our school has central air conditioning. The only thing worse than being hot while teaching in a classroom without air conditioning is hearing thirty students complain about how hot it is in the room. Next up on the list is salons. Getting your hair done can make you sweat from the heat of the hair dryer, to the cape they have you wear. If there was no air conditioning in salons, the beautiful styles created would be ruined by the heat and humidity. Nail salons would also be awful without air conditioning. Getting a manicure and pedicure should be a relaxing, non sweaty experience. The smell of the nail polish and nail polish remover would probably cause people to pass out in the heat. Last but not least on the list are clothing stores. No one wants to try clothes that are sweaty because there is no air conditioning. When you are shopping for clothes you want to be cool, calm, and collected which air conditioning can help with.
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