Portable a/cs plus gas furnaces can help save money

I am a stickler for saving money.

If there is a coupon out there chances are I have clipped it plus used it.

I love a great deal more than the next man. My friends care about to make fun of me plus they call me cheap all the time, however at the end of the morning I am the one who has more money in my savings account than them. I am obsessed with saving money on my electric bill. One of the ways that I save money is I do not run my central air conditioner in the summer time or my central heat in the winter. This may seem ridiculous to some people, however I have found ways to stay sizzling plus cool without breaking the bank. In the Winter time I use a portable furnace to stay warm. You read that respectfully. I do not use my central heater, just a portable heater. When it gets actually cold, I also light my fireplace plus wear an electric blanket. My portable furnace was for sale online plus I got it at a discount price. In the summer, I do not use my central air conditioner. You guessed it, I use my portable a/c. I transport the portable a/c to whichever room I am in in my apartment. I also use cooling towels plus I avoid using the oven plus stove top as much as possible in the summer. My portable a/c was for sale online plus also was on sale. The frugal life is keeping my electric bill nice plus low!

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