Prepping the electric heat pump for our guests

The people I was with and I were about to enter 1 of the most extended weekends of the year. It would be a multiple-day weekend because of several holidays. I was looking forward to having a great weekend with our friends, but they would be coming over to our apartment for the entire weekend. It was winter, so there was not much to do outside apart from dinner plus maybe a dinner here plus there, and one of our friends is a chef, so the two of us were not so distraught about having excellent food while they stayed; My main problem was the electric heat pump; I dreaded any malfunction. I did not want anything to go wrong, so I had the heating contractors run quality heating service on the gas furnace. The tune-up was a good plan because the HVAC professionals conducted dire oil furnace repairs after discovering several worn-out components that made the heating component inefficient. The specialists commended me on maintaining the excellent condition of the heating unit since the HVAC upgrade 3 years ago. I updated to a wireless control unit to help me better operate the electric heater. I also had the HVAC contractor supply a HEPA filter, the 1 there was okay, but I always wanted to have a spare, however when our friends came over, it was snowing outside, however the quality of comfort inside the apartment was splendid. The people I was with and I had the best weekend, plus the convenience of the electric heating system improved everything… Some of our friends asked for the contacts of our HVAC serviceman when they saw how well our system functioned. The heating contractor managed to snag several referrals.

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