Preventing Clogged Drains and Sewer Lines

Do you ever think about the drain lines in your home? Not often? That would make sense, since we rarely think about them until there’s a problem.

Drain lines carry water and waste out of our homes and into sewer lines.

If there is an issue, it can cause serious problems. The clog can slow down or stop the drains from running, resulting in a backup. Grease can cause major problems when it gets into a drain, and is often the cause of clogs. Even if grease doesn’t cause a clog right away, it can get stuck in the pipes further down the line, and create issues there. Fat down the drain isn’t the only way to create problems. Oily sauces and food can also cause problems. Oily sauces and food can also cause problems. In addition to creating clogs in drains and pipes, hair is often difficult to remove with a plunger. Keep a fine mesh hair catcher handy at all times to prevent hair from going down the drain and keep your drains clear. Clogs are also caused by soap scum. If you live in an area that has hard water, the water will react with the soup to create soap scum, a sticky, slimy substance. Changing to liquid soaps and body washes can help with this issue, as can installing a whole-home water softener. Soaps that are liquid are much less likely to produce soap scum. Cleaning your drain lines at regular intervals will keep things running smoothly, and prevent problems from developing. In general, a plumber should come and clean your drain lines every year and a half, to prevent costly future visits. The presence of tree roots in drain lines can cause significant problems, so it is imperative to keep them clear of tree roots. By using a half cup of copper sulfate crystals in one of your toilets every few months, you can keep the roots at bay. Copper sulfate is a safe chemical to use, and will only harm the roots that enter the drain, leaving the rest of the tree or bush untouched.


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