Private Estate plus Family Law is less stressful than public criminal law

I worked for an attorney for a year while I was in our last year of middle school. It started as a simple internship although I was provided a paid position to learn from this man plus do basic filing plus clerical work. I l gained a lot from this man, but it’s sad that his life was cut short when he ran into sizzling water with a failed real estate deal. One of his friends went after him plus he took his own life in his garage 1 day while I was tied up in our sixth year of college. I had no system how bad things were back then, but he told myself and others for a while that if I ever wanted to do law, I should focus on civil litigation, especially estate plus family law. He said there was better money for less stress if I pursued a law work within that domain compared to his own path. There are a lot of options these days if you pursue a law work; some people forgo becoming lawyers at all plus go into politics or lobbying. Others opt to become teachers or reporters if they wish to avoid jobs as an attorney particularally. Back in the days when I worked for the attorney in middle school, he never directly discouraged myself and others from going to law school to get a degree, but he told myself and others that I didn’t need to focus solely on being a lawyer with a Bar Association certification plus license. I have a close associate who works in private estate plus family law plus he makes quality money without making himself crazy with too much stress plus anxiety on a day by day basis.


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