Ramping up my heating and Cooling Service Jobs for Polygon

Polygon is growing at almost an exponential rate with the corps that it is partnering with. It just picked up Instagram and nabbed Facebook a month ago and my HVAC corp job is going to buy me more coins soon. This coin is going to explode and I am going to keep riding it to the top. The heating rep told me about it a while ago and I bought 8114 coins. I’m up to 8356 coins now after riding Dogecoin for a while, but that has cooled off now and it’s time to run with this beast for a while. This one could hit the $10 mark rather quickly at this rate. The air conditioning equipment needed to cool the computers for these cryptos is insane, as they use a lot of energy for the computations they have to do. I think Polygon is going to be totally green by 2023 so that is helping a lot with the price of the coin. This could be the golden ticket. I will do more HVAC equipment work over the next few months and nab more coins before it gets too high. I did have 11,000 coins yesterday but sold and went back to Doge, which collapsed overnight and lost me over 2500 coins. This local business near me just bought half a million coins so I think they are thinking something big is going to happen with the coin soon. I would love to take some money and buy a new HVAC system one day if the crypto gods are with me.

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