Renting out our disheveled properties at the beach

I own multiple properties near the beachside that I rent out on vrbo and airbnb.

They are tiny little locales that are totally decrepit and run down, which was how I was able to afford them.

Even though they aren’t in very good shape, they get rented constantly. Anytime someone isn’t in one of the beachside rental units, I have more work done on it. I have a number for handyman services that I call for big tasks. This crew redoes floors, updated windows and redoes the seawalls that love to get knocked down. I also frequently call on our stairs leading down to the beach. The sand, salt and water constantly wear away at the wood. Occasionally the ocean waves are so intense that our stairs get washed away. I have gotten the same rental components updated numerous times now. At this point I am tempted to tell the guy to just put a slide affixed to the condo. For anything that is more technical I hire out plumbing services, Heating and Air Conditioning service and electrical work. At this point I coordinate most the repairs myself. Since it is people renting short term, I officially don’t get that many calls. My fiance handles most of the booking and arrivals with the renters. I handle the upkeep and repairs. Our programs work pretty well. Eventually I will want to turn everything over to a property manager, however currently it is nice keeping all the money. My fiance doesn’t mind handling the clients and I don’t mind either doing or hiring out the general service.

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